Fast Foodies: Claire Murray – 4 Ingredient Raw Chocolate Cinnamon Squares

Fast Foodies: Claire Murray – 4 Ingredient Raw Chocolate Cinnamon Squares

Today’s Fast Foodie is Claire Murray of Claire’s Holistic Pursuits. Claire is a Sydney based Naturopath who has big dreams for you to understand your mind + body to see radical changes in your life + your vitality!

She’s all about self care: about making it understandable, palatable + interesting. She’s a chamomile tea addict on a mission to understand what it takes to truly look after yourself + have some fun along the way.

1. What does Wellness mean to you? And when did you begin your journey to wellness?

Wellness is an amazing place – but to me it’s definitely a “journey rather than the destination” scenario. I believe true wellness to be living a life each day that is rich with actions + thoughts that serve to only benefit your health/life. If you’re living in alignment with this mentality you cant help but have a life free of the limitations of dis-ease.

I feel very blessed to have grown up in a health conscious family. However I believe my personal wellness journey really began as a teenager – and I haven’t looked back since!

2. Was there a specific event that set you on this path?

At the age of 15, a naturopath diagnosed my at at the time quite ill health as gluten intolerance + suddenly (unbeknown to me at the time) my life had changed for good. For many years I resented the limitations eating ‘restricted’ foods put on me, but eventually the beneficial effects of my diet on my health became glaringly obvious. I could no longer refute bread just wasn’t my thing!

Soon I was the one educating confused people more than twice my age about the hidden dangers in our food, our various intolerances + how to navigate life with them. As I got older I chose to study tp become a naturopath at university + it’s all expanded from there.

My passion for discovering what my definition of health is + how to really nurture myself continues to grow, as well my deep desire to share this amazing knowledge with all I can reach!

3. Besides a Healthy Diet, what else do you consider to be vital on the journey to wellness?

Mentally + emotionally deciding you shall make your health a priority is the number 1 vital ingredient!

Today, we have the knowledge available + the brain power to discern whats healthy or not, yet so many of us still choose to make harmful choices.

The second you decide you’re going to take steps for health + longevity – you wont ever want to go back! It can never stick if you’re doing it for someone else or feel you ‘have to’.

4. What is your favourite superfood that you just can’t live without & why?

I’m going to go out on a limb here + say bone broth.

It totally wins the unglamorous award but the list of diseases + disorders it can help could fill 6 pages. Made right it’s incredibly rich in essential minerals/ nutrients, healing good fats + protein – and will cost you about $5 to make!

It can aid in so much from repairing leaky gut to sustaining bone mineral density – I’m a big fan.

5. If you could dispel one myth around food, what would it be?

That fat isn’t bad for you! It’s my number 1 soap box!

Fuelling your body with good fats gives you a lasting energy source, balanced blood sugar levels + banishes carb cravings. It will actually cause you to lose fat.

Eating a diet richer in fats is in much better alignment with how our ancestors ate – when the levels of modern western disease were slim to none! Crowd out the crappy carbs with foods like coconut, avocado, nuts, eggs, olives, cheese/yoghurt + good quality grass fed meat. Fat isn’t the enemy!

6. What do you wish someone had of told you when you first started out on your wellness journey?

That the classic ‘healthy diet’ just isn’t right for everyone. That you never have to fit into a box or mould when it comes to you’re own health. I tried the vegetarian, wholegrain + low fat life for years before I realised it just didn’t suit my body. The health conditions I was trying to address weren’t shifting or worsened + my vitality was running at an all time low. Some people just thrive on such a diet, but finding the foods that work for me has released my need for a bucket load of supplements + has me feeling better than I ever have before.

7. What does ‘Being The Tree Of Life’ mean to you?

Wow, its such an amazing all encompassing philosophy to try and describe my version of! To me it means delving in +

get comfy with sifting through the complex layers that makes me unique. What constitutes each part of me, how each part is interacting with the other + then coming to realise how this then manifests in my life/ health. This is ever changing + growing and I chose to accept where I’m at with my journey. It’s choosing to discover all the puzzle pieces that make up me + beginning to place them together, knowing it will lead to my best possible version of self care. Understanding what makes me tick is the best gift I can give myself, no one else will ever know me better than me!



4 Ingredient Raw Chocoalte Cinnamon Squares



— 1 cup LSA (Linseed, Sunflower + Almond Meal – rich in protein and good fats!)

— 1/4 cup Date Paste

— 2 tablespoons raw cacao nibs

— Cinnamon powder (I also used nutmeg)

— (Optional – dessicated or shredded coconut to garnish)



1. Place into a bowl and combine.

2. You should have a mix that is dough like/ sticks together.

3. Mould into a square shape + dust with coconut.

4. Enjoy!

Note: Mine originally started out as bars, then balls then squares. I like the square feel for these guys. The mixture is really versatile so you can make whatever shape you so desire.

You can easily change up the flavours or texture too. I love ginger powder for a bit of a kick, you could also go half date paste half rice malt syrup for a sweeter hit.

Endless possibilities!!

Best eaten out of the fridge but travel fine as well.

[person image=”” name=”Claire Murray” info=”Claire Murray is a Sydney based naturopath passionate about sharing tools for practical self care. She believes each person holds the inherent knowledge within him or her to understand + experience dazzling health. A lover of connecting with like minded + passionate souls she can be found at her site ‘Claire’s Holistic Pursuits'” url=”” facebook=””][/person]

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